Co van de Linde

Permanent exposition in our restaurant.

Since many years we have a permanent exposition dedicated to the paintings of Co van de Linde.
A lot of his art is made in France. He lives and works in the Perigord, the region between the south part of the Dordogne and the Lot department.
Landscapes and paintings of still life are the major themes with influence of the South-West region in his watercolours. Pastel colours and light are typical in his paintings.

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He followed a study of seven years to become a general lithographer in Amsterdam. At the same time he followed a study with mister Van der Wal, professor at the National art academy, where he learned to draw models.
An other part of his work are portraits and nudes. Most of these are made in Holland where he works at the S.A.K.B. ateliers in Amstelveen.
In some of his paintings you see the influences of the trips he made to the USA and East-Africa.
It is worthwhile to make a tour in the restaurant to look at the pictures when you come for a meal.

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