Cahors is the regional wine.

Cahors, also called Black Wine, is a red AOC wine from the South-West of France. The vineyards produce only red wine made from the malbec grape, also known as Cot Noir(N) or Auxerrois. The viniculture of Cahors is restricted to two sites near Cahors: "la vallée du Lot" and "les Causses du Quercy".


It was the Romans who introduced wine-growing in the Lot. The marriage of lady Aliénor d'Aquitaine to King Henry II of England opened the gates to London.
Pope John XII, born at Cahors, served his guests this wine as table wine and used
it as mass-wine. In 1305, 850.000 hectolitres Cahors left Bordeaux, as compared with a total production of 250.000 hectolitres nowadays.

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On it's introduction at the English court, the Cahors wine becomes a favourite for the Bordeaux wines. In 1241, the wine-growers of Bordeaux obtained "the privilege bordelais". Wines from other regions, like the Cahors, were not allowed to be shipped from Bordeaux before Chistmas. In winter, navigation was difficult and
most ships were already gone. This conflict was only solved in 1773, after more than five century's.
The Cahors wine became more and more forgotten. Starting 1861, the bug "phylloxéra de la vigne" causes a crisis in the European wine-industry and the complete destruction of the Cahors vineyards.
In 1947 the Lot wine-growers decide to restart to grow vines Côt N. Heavy frost
in February 1956, destroyed 99% of the Cahors vineyards. Recovery was slow and difficult. Vines were replanted not only with Côt N but also with merlot N and
tannat N.
Nowadays the vineyards have a surface of 4400 hectares.

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On our wine-list we propose two Cahors, Château Eugénie and Château La Coustarelle and a lot of other wines, red- withe- and rose from other French regions.

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